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Closed Crawl Spaces, Basement Waterproofing, Foundation Repairs, and Crawl Space Moisture Repairs.

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7/2010 - Chris, of AME Solutions, gave me a competitive quote, but the warranty was far better than the others I had talked to. The final bill matched the estimate and he completed quicker than estimated. Highly recommmended!

-Jon T. ~ Lexington, NC



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Crawl Space Drains & French Drains

In the Piedmont Triad and surrounding area foundation drainage is a must!  We see every day the disaster that comes after a foundation leak, usually started by a clogged or improperly installed foundation drain.  The water has no place to go combined with the NC red clay, sandstone abundance, not to mention an extremely High water table. 

The piedmont triad has some severe wet crawl spacecombinations that make traditional methods of water removal fail time after time.  AME Solutions carries a minimum 10 year warranty on EVERY drain we install.

Our Warranty includes both “flow and function” Our “Flow” warranty guarantees that your drainage system installed by AME Solutions will not clog for a period of 10 years and that the grade of the drainage system after backfill remains enough to carry water from one point to another either gravity feeding to daylight (visible for your inspection), or to a sump or catch basin with a sump pump and flow line installed. (Also visible for your inspection) 

Our “Function” warranty simply states that the function of the drain is for a particular area and for a particular purpose.  For example; If we are installing an interior crawl space drain its purpose would be to prohibit water from rising above the footing, the area covered would be the crawl space.  If we installed a drain and you had water standing in the crawls space the drain is not providing the function it was intended and AME Solutions would be responsible for doing whatever is needed to insure no water is standing or can stand in the crawlspace. Why would we go to this extreme and detail in the warranty?  Very simply AME Solutions has the experience and knowledge of foundation drainage that separates us from the rest. We are called on daily to fix homeowners problems with water intrusion that have been addressed on many times more than one time.  Sometimes the attempt worked for a while but in the end water won and the problem was worse than ever. We have developed a method that utilizes extremely durable products with a proven scientific method installed by AME Solutions trained employees.  This combination works every time and provides you with Full peace of mind guarantee every time.

Do you have a wet basement or crawl space? When water leakage gets deep in a basement or crawl space, there is a good likelihood that there is a high water table, either temporarily or permanently. The water table is the level at which standing water is constant underground. Rainfall and snow melt will make the water table rise higher at times. Drought and lack of rainfall will allow the water table drop to a lower level underground.

Every AME Solutions Foundation Drainage system includes;

  • A minimum size of 4 inch PVC drain pipe. (Not that black flimsy stuff)
  • All pipe is attached with the proper fittings and is primed and glued.
  • Enough drain aggregate (typically crushed stone) to insure that water has a place to go keeping in free of sediment that would cause the drain holes to clog.
  • Our Soil sediment shield on the top and bottom of your drain to farther add in remaining free of clogging.
  • Proper slope calculation the highest potential amount of water that could possibly be needed to insure your drainage system can handle any job it might come against.
  • A full minimum 10 year warranty on both Flow and Function.

If your drainage system feeds into a catch basin with a sump pump, your sump pump is a American Made Zoeller Cast Iron minimum 1/3 HP and has been wired by a NC licensed electrician into a GFI outlet ( per NC Code )

wet crawl spaceThe Sump Pump pushes the water from the catch basin through a “flow line” its job is to carry the water pumped from the catch basin to the outside of the structure.   Our flow lines are min 1 ½ “ PVC with proper fittings glued and primed.  Our flow lines all discharge water from the structure a minimum of 20 feet to an area visible for your inspection.

All sump pumps have a high water alarm that is battery powered to insure that if for any reason the pump is failing that you have the advance notification to fix the problem before it can become a disaster.  We offer for all who are interested to install a Never Fail pump with battery or solar back up pump.  This means that if your primary pump for any reason including power loss fails a separate pump of the same equal value will be in place and powered with battery and or solar function during long periods of power outages.  AME Solutions will also help you to register you sump pumps under your home owners policy (if applicable) that could potentially provide you with discounts and insure coverage.  AME Solutions if applicable will always as an Energy Star Partner provide you with Energy Star tax credit certification on any of our Energy Star rated products that qualify.

We also provide drainage and water diversion for your property, landscaping, leech drain systems for yards gardens or playground area. Creek bed with slate and stone, retaining walls, drainage for your driveway or slab. Gutter downspout water removal drains and more!  Call us today for a free inspection and estimate on any service provided by AME Solutions at 336-471-0058 or email us at

Underground Gutter Water Removal Solution by AME Solutions

Did you know that the average water collection of your roofs gutters in the Piedmont Triad area is 34,000 gallons of water per 1000 square feet of roof per year.  That’s a lot of water that always if not diverted will find its way to the foundation of the home adding to the typical North Carolina hydrostatic pressure problems faced in 7 out of 10 homes in North Carolina.  Our gutter water removal solution includes:

  • A combination of 4” and 6” PVC pipe
  • Sized gutter downspout attachments properly installed with a 90 degree long sweep elbow.
  • All connections are made with PVC primer and glue.
  • All pipe is gravity sloped away from the structure underground to daylight. (for your visible inspection)

After installation, AME Solutions will re seed and straw your yard and landscaping to return it back to normal.

We also provide your home with a Full 10 year flow and function guarantee on your gutter water removal solution that that guarantees that if your gutter water solution fails to remove the water collected from the roof of your home for any reason including clogging, AME Solutions will at no charge to the home owner replace whatever needed to insure this function.  Another way to have peace of mind every time call today for a free inspection and estimate on any of the services we provide at 336-471-0058 or email us at